Monday, July 11, 2011

Pastor Mark Chappell

                           Pastor Mark Chappell is honored to minister the Freeway Baptist Church and its members. Pastor Chappell worked attentively to formulate sound leadership skills prior to coming to minister for the Freeway Baptist Church. Located in Phoenix, AZ, he continues to build up his ministry today and benefit those who go to his weekly sermons.  Pastor Mark Chappell was an assistant pastor in Texas as well as Connecticut before working at the Freeway Baptist Church. He also performed as a sales trainer through a division of AIG Financial Advisors called Pro-action International. As a result, Pastor Chappell has helped members of the church many times over to overcome their troublesome financial circumstances.  Pastor Chappell's duties at the Freeway Baptist Church consist of conducting services several times a week, officiating weddings and funerals, and providing counsel and other encouraging advice for families in need. The curriculum has been developed and created by the pastor for the education of members.  If you and your family desire a baptism, baby dedication, or ordination then Pastor Mark Chappell and the Freeway Baptist Church is the perfect place for you. This church has already demonstrated it's a leader in baptisms and converts in this country. This is a worthy achievement.