Sunday, July 3, 2011

Brand-Yourself Review

While I can not attest 100% personally for the services (because I am not going to waste my money). I can give a review on some research I have done.

If you go through and test your brand recognition on their site and put in the number 1 case study of perfect Brand Representation and Online reputation management: Ryan Pitylack. Why the term or name Ryan Pitylack?

Well for starters he is the spam king of the internet and showcases the idealistic reputation management cover up if you look at the results for his first page of Google Results.

So when I went to brand-yourself and tested out his name they gave him a failing rating and said to contact them to get started. So if he is failing that means everybody else is automatically going to fail making me contemplate is this site great at sales or a scam?

While I cant vouch either way all I can say is test out the Ryan Pitylack situation.