Thursday, February 24, 2011

Everybody is an Oil Economist when Prices Rise

Have you ever noticed that when oil and crude prices rise to levels that fit beyond the normal comfort level of American citizens that all of a sudden every citizen of our country becomes an Oil expert talking about what we can do to reduce our dependance on foregin oil.

How much gas costs, with a daring complaint about it blaming everybody from the traders to the arabs.

Not really going to get too in depth on this but you get the big picture and I can guarnatee you as prices rise on this turmoil in Libya you will see tons of oil experts come out of the word work that all but dissapeared when prices where only $36.00 a barrel. Makes ya wonder what else we would become experts at if prices rose too high:

Phone Bills (imagine cell phone bills starting at $1,000 a month)
Water Prices
Skyrocketing beer prices