Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Is google a Monopoly?

This hefty image looks and asks if Google is a monopoly. Well while I am a full supporter of the great search engine and believe that they are not creating a monopoly. I will attempt to give a very simple explanation for our lower IQ readers. If yahoo, bing, and Cuil are KFC, Taco Bell, and Burger King. Now google is Ruth's Chris with the availability for arguments sake of a drive thru window with quick service at the same price because in this example for this to work money has to be no object.

Would you rather eat at D grade meat burger king, taco bell with dog food, Kentucky fried chicken with fake chickens, or prime beef five star quality food that meets and exceeds your expectations?

Obviously you want to shop where it is the most convenient, easiest, and affordable since Google (I) in this example is free we will label...Actually I am not going to bore you with economics and mathematical formulas to explain this but NO GOOGLE IS NOT A MONOPOLY they simply provide a better service and it's only the consumers that decide to use their services not GOOG enforcing them. So I have a handful of great ideas for the Mountain View company and would love to discuss them with Marissa Mayer and other development employees of Brin and Page so if your reading this contact me (your smart enough to figure out how) and I will come out to the valley and detail some great innovative ideas for the company.


Is Google a Monopoly?