Monday, August 2, 2010

Top 10 most stressful Jobs

Jobs everybody has one and some are better than others while others pay a lot more than another but do you ever think about the most stressful jobs per dollar? Here is a list off the top of my head:

Bonus 11) Gambler - Betting for a living has all the thrills that you could ever want out of life and it makes your brain happy but the stresses of losing will make you go insane.

10) Firefighter - Your always dealing with burning houses, your life on the line, having to stay in tip top shape, and being a paramedic is required so you have to stomach bleeding corpses after a horrible car accident.

9) Surgeon - The pay is great but the law suit factor if you live outside of Florida is not.

8) Waiter - Anybody who has ever worked in the restaurant business knows how incredibly horrible it is dealing with aunt Rita and bringing her more Iced Tea only to receive a 3% tip. After work everybody goes out gets wasted to work off their woes and than realizes they don't have enough money to feed their kids and pay their rent.

7) Cop in the hood - Yes Firefighters have to worry about getting burnt but police officers and sheriffs always have to worry about some damn hoodlum who gets pulled over is on parole and has a suspended license and thinks that it's easier to shoot than to take his/her damn ticket. Try living with that everyday you get up for work no matter how good your pension is.

6) Coal Miner - In case all of the disasters that occured in West Virginia weren't enough some of these guys only get paid 30k or less a year and have to deal with immense health problems from inhaling such low quality and polluted air.

5) Stripper - These girls have so many issues we don't know where to begin so they come to work all doped up and cracked out get drunk at the strip club and have disgusting fat slobs poor $1.00 bills all over them so they can support their drug habit and low life boyfriends.

4) Lady at the DMV - This lady hates her job deals with old people and foreigners all day and yells at them to get in the back of the line over and over and over again.

3) Immigration Officer at the border - Try this for a day and than you will see.

2) Drug Dealer - Money is great but the threats from the other dealers, jealous individuals, troublesome 96 girls, and police almost don't make up for the fancy lifestyle when paranoia is factored in.

1) Finance/trader - Being a day trader or a swing trader or any investor in the rocky markets will put any casino in Las Vegas to shame when you have real money on the line with the potential to make or lose millions in seconds.