Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Dennis System

So by now you are probably all wondering about how well the D.E.N.N.I.S system actually works. To be quite frank (no pun intended) with you it's entirely dependant on the woman. Usually a pharmacist will be keen to catch on and dump off a jerk before shes gets dennised.

So the Acronym stands for the following:

D - Demonstrate Value
E - Engage Physically
N - Nuture Dependence
N - Neglect Emotionally
I - Inspire Hope
S - Seperate Entirely
The way to win any girl's heart

The D for example was ruined by Charley as he tried to show the waitress his value by clogging her pipes with hair and than acting as a plumber to fix it. Mac tried to act as the clean up pucking up D-mans left overs, Charley Kelley ruined everything as usual, and Frank turned into the Mantis cleaning up everybodys left overs showasing his magnum condoms.

Just remember it is always sunny in Philadelphia.