Saturday, July 24, 2010

What happened to the Coal mine disaster?

DO you remember in Early April when Massey Energy the coal mining giant had a west Virginia collapse in a cave in which many people died and others where protesting the idea of getting us cheap energy at the expense of individuals lives?

Well I do but the sad thing is that the true public just does not understand the outliers and expenses of having energy in our society. If you stopped powering their home you better believe it that they would expediently be the first ones saying FUCK IT give me electricity slaughter the bear etc...

So I believe that between the Goldman Sachs indictment in which they never admitted to any wrong doing and thus they shouldn't have because they did nothing wrong and than the all too famous BP gulf oil spill has no shed a lot of light on subjects to help the general public forget about Massey Energy's disaster and thus they have benefited the most from the disaster aside from the scammers running gulf oil spill refunds.

The best way to pay out lost wages from the disaster really is to look at their probably understated tax returns from last year and pay them off of that and than see how happy they are that they didn't claim the correct amount on their taxes against what they claimed to have lost. Unfortunately if you put the government in charge of this stuff it's surely to come out as a disaster as they spend like drunken sailors and by the way what does that saying mean drunken sailor?

Any who we have the brick 400 nascar race this weekend no basketball but football only a few months away to get your minds off of the political disasters in this world.