Tuesday, June 1, 2010

BP Acronyms

While the Gulf Oil spill is one giant mess. British Petroleum has always been a troubled company and so I am gathering a list of all the acronyms and perhaps a future joke section on the plight of this troubled oil services company.

BP Acronyms:

Beyond Problems
Biggest Polluter
Before Present
Bad Pr
Bee Pee
Be Prepared
Best Polluter
Better Plugs
Beyond Prepardness
Beyond Prepared
Big Polluter
Brown Polluter
Big Pusher of Oil
Bloody Petroleum
Black Pandas
Bastardized Procedures
Buffoon's Proficiencies
Bad Planning
Blowout Preveneter

If you know of any mre BP acronyms and any BP jokes having to do with the oil spill than please do leave a comment with it and I will ad it to the list.