Tuesday, June 29, 2010

11 Great List Sites Vote for the Winner

With so many great sites out there that love to make lists it's kind of hard to chose which ones stand out from the others. However, I have never seen any of the list sites make a list of the best list sites so I figured a top 11 list sites might be in order. While we are not a true list blog I do enjoy making lists in my spare time and 11 seems like a good idea as I got the inspiration from a fellow member of the tribe!

To Be fair I will list the top 11 in no particular order and it is up to YOU THE READER TO VOTE for the best list site and that will determine the winner. Poll is open till the end JULY.

11) Listverse.com Jfrater seems to be the man behind the scenes as they plow out more top 10 lists than just about anybody else but they have the help of the readers with a little tweaking from the editors. There is no theme, rhyme, or reason for any of the lists as just about anything goes Notable lists include: Top 10 Badasses of the World’s Special Forces and Top 10 Extraordinary People With Disabilities. Pages indexed 4,260

10) TopTenz.Net The typical comedic top 10 list site that covers Entertainment, food, politics, sex, *podcasts, and even has quizzes! Notable trending lists: Top 10 Worst Calls In Baseball History and
Top Ten Boycotts. Pages indexed 4,960

9) Ranker found this one from the list of faults with the new iPhone 4 and figured it was worthy since everybody's comments seem to just hate on every little thing this writer picks apart on Apple's new IOS4

8) 10 Awesome 10 Awesome things to make a list on the daily and they love to use pictures since they say a thousand words instead of filling in a whole bunch of non-sensical words like I do. Oh p.s. click an ad to support me! Notable lists: 10 awesome 404 error pages and 10 Stunning Paintings: Laimonas Smergelis (amazing when tripping on acid not that I would know) Oh and it's tied in with the us.marketgrid site which means this new site will probably blow up pretty soon.

7) Top Ten Songs Here is a little curve ball a list dedicated strictly to music it's well laid out simple not too obtrusive and they rank the most popular songs of the week, month, year, and to date, based on the top downloads from online song retailers. Best part is they have all the data going back to 2004 cause you know music wasn't any good until post 2004...right?

6)The Top Tens features a not so neat format but it works for showing you previews of the top 4 featured lists and they cover categories such as computers, food, games, music, movies, sports, and television.

5) Top10Lists Apparently everybody loves top 10Lists not just me. This site has 55 lists done so far but links out to all of the lists that it finds and gathers. Also all of the lists are not top Ten's as they have 100 Greatest Hockey Players and The 50 Worst Inventions so don't let the name fool you.

4)Top-10 list in a .orgformation seemed rather weird but it's in a wordpress platform and covers: Autos, Business, Education, Entertainment and the rest of the norm. Seems to have a lot of lists but when you click on the tab all the lists are on one long page a positive to some negative to others you make the choice.
Notable Lists: Top 10 Album Covers That Created Controversy and Top 10 Places That You Are Restricted From Entering. Actually there a hundreds of notable examples def. worth a looksie but check out the rest of the list first!

3) 11 Points This is pretty much the inspiration for a lot of this list. This Cleveland boy turned Los Angelian (did I spell that right?) really knows how to write and make people laugh and brings up countless timeless references from the Simpsons and BTTF. Most notable list that I found the blog from is the top 11 things Back to the future got right and wrong in 2015. You know when Marty McCfly and Doc hop into the Delorean and he says Doc your going to have to back up we're going to need more road if were going to get up to 88 mph. Roads? Where were going we don't need roads....Note: Every list on 11 Points is excellent and takes a lot of his spare time to do (he said at least 3 hours for most) so support it if you can. (Sam if your reading this I wrote to you about a list for garage sales but I think a list for sports handicapping mentioning our advertiser would be appreciated!! Shalom)

2) REDITT I think REDDIT can be considered a list site since it has lists of all the latest news stories and every link seems to be of a list on some weirdo topic. If I am wrong on the reditt than lemme know and I will find a substitution.

1) DIGG This really shouldn't need an explanation and hopefully if all works out you find this awesome list blog post from Digg's homepage so digg on and don't forget to VOTE for your favorite list site.