Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Dying Breed, Concerts?

With films coming out in 3-D like Kenny Chesney's Summer in 3D you have to wonder if the future of concerts is going to have tailgaters sitting outside of a movie theatre drinking booz and sitting in their pick up trucks waiting for the 12:30 matinee ($2.00 cheaper) to see the Kenny Ches concert.

Sounds Crazy? Well after reading the reviews people are loving it saying not only is it cheaper than the real deal but it feels like you are really there because of the great sound systems and the no hassle of sitting in traffic and dealing with all the people.

Could hollywood be onto something here? While there is nothing like the real experience and any virtual reality experience can prove that because none have caught on. At least none that I am aware of. None the less it should be interesting to see what happens from here country and music fans.