Sunday, April 11, 2010

Crispin Glover back in Time Travel

Does anybody else think that its either weird or ironic that Cripsin Glover the famed George McCfly from 1955 in the first Back to the Future has appeared in yet another time travel film??

Well lets break this down. In BTTF part 1 Marty starts off in 1985 and than travels 30 years back to 1955 to where Crispin Glover is a punk ass bitch who cannot stand up for himself and is an absolute nerd who can only say at the end "Hey you get your damn hands off of her" Biff?

Any who in Hot Tub Time Machine which is a great film by the way has the crew going from 2010 to 1986 (at least we believe its 2010 but at the end of the film they say something about 1996) none the less they travel less time but end up seeing Cripsin Glover (george mccfly) a year after his initial scene that you picture him in 1985 in Back to the future part one.

So where the hell am I going with this you ask? Well here it is:
Crispin Glove got to be cocky and thought that he was worth more money than he was after what he thought was a stellar performance in bttf 1 and so he asked for way too much moola for part 2 in the end his asshole agent could not make a deal with robert zemeckis and the other producers and team behind the BTTF trilogy so the delorean took off without him.

The team had to re-weave the story and work in a way to work without this now Famous Douche bag for ruining his career because in case you didnt know Crispin Glovers life has sucked ass for not taking the next 2 films because he would have gotten more famed roles, be more notable, and well he would have gotten paid fucking something and that makes him our douche bag of the day. (thank you sxephil).

None the less in the 2010 film Hot tub time machine he is a somewhat main character 20+ years after the first back to the future time travel film came out trying to regain what he lost and staring in yet another time travel film. So thats all I got for today I am just going to go outside and play with my flux capacitor.