Sunday, March 14, 2010

March Madness Bracket Time

The most anticipated three weeks in sports, the NCAA college basketball tournament, kicks off next Thursday. Sixty-five college basketball teams, from thirty conferences, will battle their way through the bracket in hopes of making it to the National Championship Game. As a single elimination tournament, the NCAA Tournament provides parity like no other playoff system.

As a pioneer in the sports business, The One I got has led the way with a variety of wagering options for their clients. Their linesmakers (2010 NCAA March Madness Brackets) are the most creative in the business and anticipate posting hundreds of props for both the overall tournaments and individual games. Here are a couple examples:
Team by team odds to win the NCAA Tournament
Largest margin of victory in Round 1
Graduating class of tournament MVP
Number of buzzer beaters in Round 1
How many 12-seeds will advance past Round 1


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Aah, sounds like a extremely competitive game schedule in place. This is what it should be, if you have to make to the National Level then you need to work very hard at the grassroots level to make it to the National Level, there should be eagerness and willingness along with talent obviously (they have it already). The team surviving in this competition and winning it should be the one who has desire and talent to present themselves at the National Level.

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