Saturday, March 20, 2010

Lexus Recall

So all of this crazy Toyota recall started me up on a little bit of research. So what did I find within all of this research?

Well, when Toyota first launched their luxury brand Lexus in the late eighties early 90's they were laughed at for creating an upscale brand as we all know today how that has turned out for them especially in comparison to General Motors luxury brand Buick. Wait GM's luxury brand is Buick? I know it's very surprising to a lot of us.

Anyway back on topic so the flagship car in 1992 was the Lexus LS 400. Which has evolved today to be the 430 and the most recent 460 that parks its self and is amazingly comfortable.

So they had a small recall on a mechanical problem and thus had to bring back and fix hundreds of LS 400's so what they ended up doing is being extensively pro-active and fixing all of the problems. If anybody had a car within 100 miles they personally sent out a mechanic and in one rare case I mechanic flew from Seattle Washington to Anchorage Alaska.

Also if you wanted to pick up your car it came with a full tank of gas and was personally washed. So you have to ask was it worth it for a new luxury brand to go so far and beyond?

Obviously today we know the answer but than you must psychologically analyze has Toyota grown too big to care? They didn't want to announce the initial recall and when they did I know there not flying out and driving out to fix this problem.

So what does big size and big profits really do to a large company?

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