Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Is Melissa Francis Pregnant?

So we have all been trying to figure it out from all the countless hours we watch squawk box and other excellent GE parent company of CNBC (this network and really want to know the big question is Melissa Francis pregnant?

Doing some research online I can not deem an answer and recently Melissa has not been standing up on the air so we have to wonder if she isnt than are her arms and body getting bigger? Is she just sick? Are we sick for caring? Perhaps but we did at least see Trish Reagan all prego carrying twins on the stock exchanges floor so why can't Melissa Francis just let us know?

One thing I am for sure is that Melissa Lee, dylan ratigan, Maria Bartoroma, and Jim Cramer are not pregnant....

Poll now available so go ahead and vote now!

FOR PROOF PLEASE SEE Our live picture of a Pregnant Melissa Francis


Josh said...

I was wondering the same thing when I saw her on CNBC today. Something looked pretty different today. Also, it looked like she was going to some great lengths to use her hands/papers to cover her alleged baby bump. They might try to cover it up because I don't think she is married. But if it's true, how long can they really hide it?

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