Friday, January 15, 2010

Western Wall

Did you know that the western wall in Jerusalem has withstood the test of time longer than any other known religious property and it is a surreal experience to visit and if you go now you will see lots of great individuals praying there for the victims of Haiti and the extremely deadly earthquake that they jut had which injured and killed over 50,000 individuals. So pray today put on some tefilin and party it up in tel-aviv.


Las Vegas homes said...

After reading your post my mind flashes back during college days. If I could still remember my teacher in Theology who told us about the Western Wall in Jerusalem she showed us her pictures when she visited one summer. As I can recall it was constructed around 19 BCE by Harold Great. It is a place of prayer by all nations. Many religious people really wants to visit the place. Please put some pictures on the post.