Monday, December 14, 2009

New Android to be on GSM platform

So why wouldnt Sprint step up to the plate with its CDMA and say hey Googlemonster we need to prop up our shares beyond an analyst and Barrons upgrade saying that we are undervalued and take sprint back to being the fair game player it used to be instead of being Jon Daly sitting on the sidelines smoking there crack pipe.

So the only issue forsee with this is that Apple will threaten ATT that if it opens up its carrier platform to the G-Phone than there deal will not be renewed which will result in the phone only being compatible with T-Mobile which has the unlocked iphone option already and users would have to pay a premium to buy a phone not on a carrier and with T-Mobile possibly being the only carrier than that makes the Google phone no different than purchasing a phone thats on their carrier at a discounted rate because of the the rate plan.

Right? Or am I missing something. Dan Hesse come to the rescue perhaps or do we chalk it up to bad luck, nothing to see shows over.

*GOOG is probably a buy according to my analyst reccomendation list.


Nevada Work Comp said...

I read in the news that Google phone now works on AT & T network and can now compete with that of Apple's in terms of wireless network speed- is there no end to their competition? The way I see it, it will only heat up more. It is the mobile phone era after all. What do you think?