Saturday, December 5, 2009

Is drew carey a nerd?

Do you really care how many followers you have if your not trying to make money or sell them something? Were not in a popularity contest with Paris Hilton for goodness sakes. Drew Carey, or @drewfromTV on Twitter, wants more followers more than CoopersPick. He also wants to donate money to Lance Armstrong’s charity organization livestrong. So why not do both at the same time? If Drew Carey gets 1 million followers by December 31st this year, he’ll donate $1 million to Livestrong. And if he gets less? Well, it’s a buck a follower, so it’ll be money for Livestrong no matter what. Right now @DrewFromTV is at 73,814 followers, but that’ll probably change.

Recently according to a marketing blog or something like that, Drew Carey elaborates somewhat. The thing is, this wasn’t about him getting a lot of buzz or anything, it was about giving money to charity. So he’s got regrets.

Now here’s how I could’ve handled this better.

I should have just donated the money in the first place without doing the million-follower challenge. Yes, I guess it does “raise awareness” somewhat, but who wasn’t aware of Livestrong and Lance Armstrong’s fight against cancer? I think they were doing a pretty good job of raising their own awareness without me.

But instead, I think I made it a bit too much about me by making it a contest that benefits me in exchange for my donation. So there it is. My regret. Maybe I didn’t make it too much about me. Maybe I just though up a fun way to raise money for a good cause. Whatever. I feel like I made it too much about me, so that’s that.

I say forget about those regrets, be happy with your followers, and the fact that you’re giving money for something good.


Miami real estate said...

HE could have just donated the money directly...even if he said that it is a way of making people aware about Livestrong...others would still see it in a negative it is only done for promotional purposes.