Thursday, December 10, 2009

David Thorpes 27bslash6 Bank of America Inspiration

So I called bank of america to follow up on a claim from the free credit report scam and in the middle of the phone call Anthony my helpful associate since I am a valued customer told me there was an emergency in the building and he had to call me back. Well, he never called me back but I did try to sign in online and that didn't work so I guess we should just call them the bank of not working, thanks Kenny Lewis:

Welcome to an online chat session at Bank of America. Please hold while we connect you to the next available Bank of America Online Banking Specialist. Your chat may be monitored and recorded for quality purposes. Your current wait time is approximately 0 minutes. Thank you for your patience.
Thank you for choosing Bank of America. You are now being connected to a Bank of America Online Banking Specialist.
Rachael: My name is Rachael. Thank you for choosing Bank of America and our Online Banking Text Chat service.
Rachael: May I have your name and zip code to begin?
You: hello
You: no but Ill tell you anyway
You: **** R_______ _____
You: I cannot login to my ob
Rachael: Hello, R____. How may I assist you?
You: is there an emergency? Guy just said on the BOA phone that he had to evacuate the building
You: Its not letting me login can you see to it that my account online is still valid
Rachael: R____, there is no emergency.
Rachael: I understand that you are facing difficulty signing in.
You: ok
Rachael: I will be glad to check that for you.
Rachael: Give me a moment while I pull up your account details.
You: 0054********
You: is the account number
Rachael: Thank you.
Rachael: May I ask you a few verification questions?
You: no
You: yes
You: maybe
You: it depends on the verificiation questions
Rachael: Thank you.
Rachael: Do you have driver's licence handy?
You: yes
Rachael: Perfect!
Rachael: Could you please confirm your driver's license number?
You: r 300******
Rachael: Thank you.
Rachael: Could you please confirm your complete address and date of birth?
You: we making any progress Rach
You: 04/1/80 is my address
You: it is in FLorida
You: my birthday is 458 ne 38th avenue
You: I was borin in West Palm Beach
Rachael: Do you have the check register for your account ending in - 1878 handy?
You: no checks on me
Rachael: Do you keep record of your checks?
You: yes
Rachael: Perfect!
Rachael: Thank you, could you please confirm the date ( in mm / dd / yy format ) and payee on posted check numbered 2035?
You: 385
Rachael: Thank you for your patience, I will be right with you.
Rachael: I apologize for the delay.
Rachael: Could you please confirm the date ( in mm / dd / yy format ) and payee on posted check numbered 2035?
You: trent
You: 1212009
Rachael: The information that you are providing is not matching with the one in records.
Rachael: I need to ask you one extra question.
You: ok
You: one extra
You: and thats it
You: than its my turn to ask
You: what is your DOB?
Rachael: Could you please confirm the amount and location of the last posted ATM Machine transaction on account ending in 1859?
Rachael: I would need the transaction that you have done at an ATM Machine.
Rachael: Please answer above question to the best of your knowledge.
You: I have no idea its been awhile since I last went to the ATM I got a new card and had to verify my account and took out some money when I was up in new york or down here in florida be4 thanksgiving, is it my turn to ask questions yet
Rachael: Please ask.
You: do you remember your last atm transaction?
Rachael: Yes, R____.
Rachael: R_____, I can understand the inconvenience you are facing.
You: and I can understand yours
Rachael: We understand the urgency of your need to have immediate access to your accounts and we apologize for any inconvenience you may have experienced.
Rachael: I am sure you would certainly understand the importance of the verification.
You: nope that looks like an automated message
You: How come I cant change the style of my font
You: ?
Rachael: R_____, I am unable to explain it to you, as my area of expertise is with Online ID & Passcode.
You: is there somebody who is a faster typer I may be able to chat with
You: your words per minute are embarrassing
You: pardon my mis-spelling
Rachael: Not a problem.
Rachael: R_____ I apologize, I am unable to retrieve your Online ID & Passcode information as the answers are not matching with the one in records.
You: no the mis-spelling isn't but the words per minute is
Rachael: For the security of your accounts, can I please request you to collect the required information and start a fresh chat to get your Online ID & Passcode?
Rachael: You can start a new chat by clicking on the "Chat Online Now" link.
You: you can request but I choose not to abide
You: we can do this
You: come on
You: Ask me some questions like mothers maiden and city of account opening\
You: so this is it your leaving me like this?
Rachael: I can understand the inconvenience you are facing.
Rachael: Let me explain it to you.
You: Is your supervisor available
You: yes please explain it
Rachael: R___, I am connecting you to the supervisor.
You: have you ever read this guys work?
You: Rachael
Rachael: I will definitely check it.
Last text message receivedRachael: Thank you so much.
You: no
You: thank you and shalom


Lake Travis homes said...

This is funny! I also have the same dilemma each time I ask for online and also telephone assistant...that's why I'd rather go to the place and talk to them in person than just waste my time on their online assistance thing.