Thursday, November 12, 2009

Why College is worth it and Bill Gates Dropping out of Harvard was Warranted

Why College is worth it and Bill Gates Dropping out of Harvard was Warranted

So I hear all the time well why should I go to college some of the most successful individuals in the world either didn't attend college or they dropped out. While, I will agree that there is a large truth to this but let it be known more successful individuals over all have attended college than those who have not.

Obviously the better the school the better the networking capabilities, which is what I would say is one of the best things about college. You go to school to learn, network, join clubs, try things you never would have thought of, and make lifelong friends.

College is a must experience for all individuals as it sustains responsibilities teaches you how to drink, become social, try things you never thought possible, or only dreamed of, and learn things that you would have otherwise not have.

So back to William Gates the 3rd. He was well off as a child and his parents set up a college fund for him. He went into Harvard wanting to be the Mathematician but when he found out somebody was smarter than him he went with his true passion and worked towards software development.

While still in college he was already developing a multi millionaire dollar company and had generous revenues for a college student and was already a senior when he dropped out so obviously it wasn't going to make a difference and he was going to be able to go back IF he failed. Which he didn't. So in the end he already completed more than 3 years of college so if you do that and succeed at the top of your class than you to are allowed to drop out.


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