Saturday, November 7, 2009

I love tennis

Tennis is a great sport and takes only but a short time to get acclimated to compete against novices. Tennis clubs are great but as a tax paying citizen do you think that a public park should be allowed to charge you to play on a court in which the lights are automatically turned on?

I may be condescending in my thoughts on this one as they obviously need funds to up keep a court, power the electricity(not cheap), pay the janitor to clean the inside, pay the employees who run the shop inside, pay taxes, state fees and assesments, oh the bill list could go on and on. So I guess I can understand a little bit of charges as acceptable.

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Oahu travel deals said...

Tennis is also one of my most favorite's a bit expensive to maintain this type of sports but the satisfaction and enjoyment it can give is definitely worth every penny.

I also share your sentiments, hopefully soon government can build up tennis courts to serve other people who wants to play this sports but have limited resources.