Wednesday, November 11, 2009

How you can go to Harvard For Free

Education is one of the most expensive costs in your lifetime but well worth the investment to most. There is a site called: which offers you free video courses from: Berkeley, Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Stanford, UCLA, and Yale. They offer many great subjects ranging from Entrepreneurship from Garage Ventures and former Apple employee Guy Kawasawki, Economics at Yale from famed real estate man: Robert Shiller as well as a plethora of other subjects like computer science and psychology. So what are you waiting for link to this post and go get a free education from the Ivy League Schools.


Lake Travis homes said...

It was once my dream to enter the halls of Harvard University...however, because of some reasons I wasn't able to push through so it just remained a dream...good thing there are now many ways to enter Harvard for free..just like this one you've shared with us..anyways, I hope you'll continue to share informative've helped us a lot.