Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Can you navigate from the east coast to west coast in Craigslist?

Your probably asking what the heck are you talking about, but this is a pretty intriguing question and game to play if you care to spare the few minutes of trying your luck.

With the newest edition of craigslist they have added a nearby city's list. Through this list you have to try to go as far west as possible each time and than see how far you can get.

I was able to make it from Washington, D.C. to Iowa. Never made it to California but in time I will. Once you master this version than the next challenge would to be only going further west with each new city and everytime you hit a city that is east of your last city than you have to start over.(warning I don't know if this is possible as you may have to go south east before you can go west again for certain citys)

None the less I think that this might be an entertaining game and the stupid but brilliant idea of the day. So for all of you geography majors out there get crack-a-lacking.

Starting point in Washington, D.C. where do you go from here?
other cities


Palos Verdes Estates real estate said...

Hmmm..I I have to admit..I'm also a geography fan but I haven't tried this game before...I'm a little confused..pardon me but how do you exactly play this game?