Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Twitter is over capacity AGAIN :(

Is it just me or is Twitter the number one website with the most amount of problems??
Now I don't know programming and software down to the nitty gritty but is Ruby on Rails that filled with bugs that it is always being susceptible to errors like too many tweets, oops sorry thats an error on our part we are hard at work to fix this, and the good old tweeting whale in which all twitter users have become accustomed to seeing.

Since Ruby has so many problems I can't imagine why Twitter didn't decide to deviate sooner, but still retain part of their software with ROR.

Either way this makes me think that when the conceptual idea for twitter was made that they never envisioned the best case scenario, which is where twitter lies today. I think that they built the service not thinking it would become this powerful and obviously the site cannot handle it's capacity, bandwidth, and capability.

Opinions please.


Prime lending mortgage said...

This is already expected from Twitter..especially because of its rapid popularity among users...I hope the site admins and owner will find solutions to these problem as soon as possible to prevent any future problems.