Thursday, June 25, 2009

Wacko Jacko Not Dead, Michael Jackson Still around

Whether or not the king of pop is still around we will always remember thriller, beat it, and a lot of embarrassing times for the once popular singer but what if I brought up the idea that Michael Jackson is STILL ALIVE.
Think of this Jackson was preparing for what was to be his greatest comeback: He was scheduled for an unprecedented 50 shows at a London arena, with the first set for July 13. He was in rehearsals in Los Angeles for the concert, an extravaganza that was to capture the classic Jackson magic: showstopping dance moves, elaborate staging and throbbing dance beats.
This was going to be done to help him pay off his debts which were insurmountable in size and still would have left him heavily indebted.
So why not take the alleged Machiavelli Tupac Shakur exit?? I mean come on if you read a profile on wacko jacko you will see that he is one of the most known individuals in the world and most searched about. So if he were able to disappear to whichever quiet island he was hiding on before, get some more plastic surgery, and live a quiet and peaceful life in which he hasn't seen in 44 years.
Just an idea although I'm sure someone has seen the body and can attest that this may all be shockingly true that the king of pop really is no more.
Either way it's an interesting dilemma he could have taken or perhaps should have taken years ago.


Hendersonville real estate said...

I have thought of the exact same thing. Could be one of Michael Jackson's way to get out of debt but if he is indeed dead, I hope he is resting in peace. I love the guy. I just don't understand what he need to have all that god-awful plastic surgeries for.