Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Check out this sweet car

You have gotta be kidding me...
Check out this sweet ride for sale:

1986 toyota camry

custom made with heavy duty cardboard body kit

runs good fast and fun

custom cardboard hoodscoop and rear spoiler for

super aerodynamic

15 inch chrome rims

comes with pink sandle air freshner for odor control

flame and dragon decals

Let me guess cardboard is steady and provides extra support for its super high speed. This is truly a timeless classic whoever picks this sweet ride up is very lucky!!

But hey it could be worse you could have this car that you can't even see out the front window


Washington DC Real Estate said...

Sweet car indeed! hahaha...its look don't really matter, just as long as the owners had a great time making those cardboard bumpers and hoods.

About the last picture..err..I'd rather go for the first one.. :)