Sunday, March 20, 2011

Shark Tank Season 2 Episode 1 Recap

"Pioneers Get Slaughtered and Settlers get rich" probably the best line from the entire television show to start off the second season of the shark tank. With that being said here is the overview of the Episode:

Magnetic Collar Stays: A product from a guy that Damon says talks way too much was invented out of neccessity of being in a rush and thrown an oxford button down shirt with the collars out of whack. So what he did was he went ahead and created solid magnetized stays where the magnet goes under the shirt and affixes the collar in a solid position. He is currently selling these at 115 Nordstrom stores and is rapidly expanding. After much negotiation with the sharks he got a deal with Barbara for $100,000 as long as the FUBU man agreed to be involved since Cochoran was fronting.

Tippi Toes: Two milf like sisters who sell a $30,000 franchise of kids entertainment with a ten year life span where interest is earned. The benefit is kids receive fun fitness. They got a deal last second from Mark Cuban

Chef Big Shake (CBS Foods): The African Man from the rough side of New York who was raised by an Italian family and developed a passion for cooking and food created a delictable product called shrimp burger and has plans to put them into all of the grocery stores throughout the country asked for $200,000 for a stake larger than any of the sharks we're willing to take and due to the rules created by producer Mark Burnett they are not allowed to counter with a lower dollar or percentage amount.

Mara De Copa Winer: A wine product that is easy to drink on the go and is being solicited by Target and other distrubitors. The problem was that he wanted to push the entire brand of IP, the wine, and bottling and the valuation he wanted from Kevin O' Leary of $3,000,000 for his stake was beyond what he was willing to pay.

The next episode will be on this Friday!